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Bonus Program

Christmas bonus

Dear players especially for you in the period from 31.12.2019 to 05.01.2020 year acts Christmas campaign! Refund 20% of the top-up amount in the form of an added bonus to your Real account for the next day! Cash Back shall not be included only in the case when a player on next day, the real balance of the account is more than the amount deposits!

VIP Bonus

If the total size of your deposit for one day will be 30000 or more, then the next day you will be credited a bonus of 5000 r. on your Real account. Not counting the bonus on every deposit, which ranges from 3% to 20% depending on the deposit. See below table bonuses!

Bonus on each deposit

Dear players, the bonus amount is from 3% - 20% of all your deposits, that is, each time you deposit to your account, you get + from 3% - 20% from the deposited amount as a bonus.

Extra Bonus on next day

At the discretion of the casino, we send 10% bonus from deposit, on next day. Example, if you funded your account at 5000r. then the next day received the bonus amount will be 500r.

Bonus table

Deposit Bonus
from 200 r. 3%
from 1000 r. 5%
from 3000 r. 10%
from 7000 r. 15%
from 12000 r. 20%

How is the bonus amount credited to your REAL account?

You can put your bonus amount to your REAL account only when the balance of your REAL account is less than 1r. and there is no аctive payments!

To put the bonus amounts to your Real account, you'll first need to log in to our website, then find the link «Get Bonus» under menu and click on it. After that follow the system instructions.


An additional bonus for the next day is credited only when the player has
a REAL account balance less than 1r. and there are no active payments!.

Bonus amount is being reset, only when you win and request the payment.